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Is your LIST growing up to your expectations ?

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Are You Reaching Out enough through your content to get the leads you want, online ?

No? You seriously need Multi-Format Content to reach out to different segments of your Target Profiles through Multi-Platforms to double up your traffic and increase your list size !!!



Dear Digital Entrepreneurs for Real Estate Market Niches,

Leads generation will always be the goal for any online real estate traffic building campaign. And to do that with limited resources, it can be quite tough for  independent real estate agents or brokers. But the only leverage for them to reach out and gain extremely valuable contacts is no doubt, through the web.

So how could one gain a competitive advantage, online together with other big names realtors and agents in gaining that space? The big guys could buy themselves all the traffic they want through massive annual budgets for advertising. But for you, the independent realtor, the home based real estate agents, who have limited financial resources. How do you compete in the online space?

There is only one proven method that can gain you the leads that you want and filter out tyre kickers that are wasting your time. That is - by having a real estate content marketing strategy that deploys massive content on multiple platforms.

Content unlike social media, has the power to sustain longer audience presence, act as a filter with its structure and reaffirm the questions in the users minds. If used in a co-ordinated effort that are well planned, the results are indeed, consistent, rewarding and long term.

Wishing You The Best In Your Online Real Estate Niche Ventures.


Digital Entrepreneur.

real estate plr articles

Depending on a Single Bait or eBook to Build that List is NOT Enough !!!


The fact is there are over 1 trillion real estate content related websites on the web today. With  142 million posts from 52 million real estate blogs still exist today, the clutter is growing every minute. And not to mention 2 million general blog postings published every 24 hours. You will have a tough time grabbing attention towards your free ebook that you have developed as a bait for your subscription through your opt-in module.


The fact that having a single opt in to capture your potential audience is never enough. It is known that same subscriber will always opt-in more than one time when it comes to gathering information and that they want to get access to different opinions and perspectives before making a decision that will result in a sales transaction.

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58 million Real Estate relates Websites in US alone !

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142 million Real Estate Blog posts  till today !

real estate plr articles

Article directories with over 82 million real estate articles still exists.

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The Success of your Opt-In & Primary Conversions depends on your external Content.


Traffic comes in all forms with different intentions and expectations from a myriad of platforms. In other words - specific demographics with a broad range of needs. External content helps you to identify the areas where the audience are interested in and pinpoint the hotspots for monetization opportunities.

Unless your single opt-in page is tuned to cater for a long tail keyword of more than four words ( something like a super sub niche market ), you won't be able to achieve a conversion rate that is high enough to justify your effort.

What you need is a lead capture campaign with multiple opt-in pages designed to push the hot buttons of your targeted market profiles, offering multiple baits instead of having a ONE sign up module built in on your wordpress blog or website.

That is of course not enough until you have traffic driven in from a host of massive content from multiple web platforms in ways that are easily accessible by your audience through their preferred devices.

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CONTENT = $$$,

you will need to create those content in the shortest time possible and with the lowest cost you can afford !

So, how do you actually create multiple ebooks that are profitable in their niches and supported by a good selection of monetization opportunities and affiliate programmes. Not to mention the massive content that are needed in your content marketing strategy ?

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Real Estate PLR Articles is the fastest way to build your network of traffic generating content apart from engaging an outsource to complete the task. But then again, delegating to an outsource means you must have enough financial resources to enagage, 10 or maybe 20 persons to write for you. It also means they are experience and loyal enough to stick through your campaign periods. Sounds like a likely option for companies with substantial budget instead for a soho based independent digital marketer like you doesn't it?

When you are using tried and tested plr articles, you are really tapping into the existing market which is by far ready for the taking, since most plr articles have traffic success the moment they are being published the first time. You job is just to improve and build upon it to capitalize on the ready opportunities.

To have the widest coverage of content on perhaps most of the platforms available on the web would prove almost impossible if, 1. you don't have the budget to generate that much of a content, 2. you spend too much time creating that winning piece of sensational content hoping for viral success, 3. you lack the speed in deploying your massive content in the most accurate manner.

Real Estate PLR Articles gives you both perspective, the pros and cons, to enable you to tap in into both optimistic and pessimistic audience groups. Hence not loosing out on opportunities from these behavioral patterns from the consumers themselves. Instead of recommending  one product, you now can do two. Now you have twice the chance of locking in your profits.



the fastest way to deploy content.

the widest coverage

real estate plr

tried and tested for niche market viability.

multi-perspective, pros and cons.



Here are some of the benefits to using The Select Series Real Estate PLR Articles


Build Multiple Lists that are small in size but big on conversions !

With an arsenal of real estate plr articles from  The Select Series  you have the ability to build on demand, multiple opt-in baits at your fingertips and start getting relevant opt-ins based on niche topics that will be high on conversions.

SPEED UP your opt-ins by Casting your Net, Far and Wide.

By deploying a massive real estate content marketing strategy that focuses on the depth of market coverage and content distribution, you will be able to speed up the opt-ins in tight niches. 

Create content structure quickly and easily.

You are able to quickly create content structure to multiple articles without the hassle of going through in-depth research and analysis for your selected topics and subjects. In other words the ability to build content in volumes that are high on demand.

Keep your keyword research time and reaffirm niche markets that works.

Save huge amounts of time by building your keywords based on  The Select Series Real Estate PLR Articles. that is time tested for consistent traffic that is usually high in traffic and absolutely high in content demand by the audience over the years.

Compensate your lack of expertise or knowledge of a sub niche topic.

Hundreds of real estate topics and subjects discussed in 50 separate real estate market niches. With The Select Series Real Estate PLR Articles. you are never treated as a novice or a half baked `wannabe'.

Content Assets that will last you for the next 24 months!

With more than 2000 real estate plr articles segmented into 50 niches, you will have no problem in keeping up with new updates to your blog and websites for the next 48 months !


Real Estate PLR Articles are part of the content marketing eco-system for successful digital marketers like it or not.

Gone are the days when real estate plr articles were used for its `backlinks' . Today is all about TRAFFIC. And  The Select Series Real Estate PLR Articles. has the basic capabilites to drive traffic through content consumption. This means, these selected articles are meant for `knowledge enhancement' instead of technical SEO purposes.

Its time real estate plr articles to go back to its basic - to provide valuable content that is needed by those who seek to enrich themselves at their own level of intellectual capabilities.


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Its how far and wide you can reach that matters... not how popular you get or sensational your content is !

( as far as real estate is concern )


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